New World Order

It’s been a long time in coming, and that’s likely because anybody in their right mind wouldn’t want it.

It was probably George HW Bush, seeking a land war for his Administration to dispel the ghosts of Vietnam, who articulated it best. That was back in the heady initial post Cold War period intended, and indeed setting the trend, to inculcate war in Iraq. A war that is still ongoing 26 years and four Presidents – one of them his boy – later.

A war that has spawned a Khmer Rouge look-alike abomination spilling across borders in the form of ISIS.

In spite of all the promises about short, cake-walk wars and the rehashed, Vietnam-era, Domino Theory.

That was in 1991.

Yet there are still those who believe in it. This New World Order thing is, to many, a borderless Utopia in which anybody can live anywhere they want and everybody has their dream job and nobody ever experiences mean-spirited emotions.

Sounds Great

As advertisements are wont. The reality of what should perhaps be called the Neocon World Order, on the other hand, sounds awfully like the old world order. The one that existed before the great mass of the people found out what was going on and revolted.

The “New” one will be just the same, but technology can be used to ensure that the great mass of the people never find out what is being done to them, or to quickly silence those who do.

Those who are needed for employment will have access to cities, the lower grades of employees on day passes. Access that lasts as long as the job. For residence one will need to be a business-owner or of considerable independent means.

Within these cities life will be pretty much as it is today – except that you will have agreed in writing that by entering the city all your actions will be monitored and recorded and may be used against you. A necessary measure to defeat terrorism, or drugs, or whatever it happens to be that they’ve got you all worked up about.

Other prison protocols, such as lockdowns, will be routine if not applauded. Your children are already being conditioned to this end in school without so much as a hint about lockdown being something that is done to prisoners in jail when they misbehave. It’s called “freedom” in the NWO.

Like the promised “self-driving car”, scheduled to replace the primitive manually-operated vehicle and never to have installed within it, perhaps hidden deep in the operating system, any nature of remote-control-override functionality that might lead to its perhaps unintended usage as a mobile jail cell, locking-in it’s occupant and driving them straight to jail, without passing Go, for any unpaid penalty, tax, or perhaps just an erroneous witness statement once given that now needs to be re-phrased.

Outside of the cities, where most poor sods are going to find their sorry asses, it will be more like Syria, or Ukraine. From this morass the city overlords will select those deemed to have acquired the necessary talent to make money, write advertising copy, present dumbed-down fakenews with a straight-face, or beat up dissenters.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Just like it always used to be, but electrically powered and with stronger walls (likely built with concrete forms assembled by robots).

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