Nine Rules of Diversity

A quick guide to what the Western Corporate State means when it says ‘diversity’.

For background, the diversity claim is a common one to anybody who works in a corporate office or consumes mainstream media, but it is never really spelled-out what is meant. Everybody is talking about it, and they are all agreed that it is right.

It’s implied that diversity means respect for the individual, not in spite, but because of their differences. As ever in the corporate state, what is actually meant by their words is the opposite of what they imply, and being ‘diverse’ means being ‘part of the group’. The implication is that in diversity you may be yourself, the reality is you will do what you’re told, think how you are told to think, and refrain from speaking out.

Here’s what is really meant by ‘diversity’ and 9 simple rules to follow to ensure your continuing membership of the happy-clappy crowd:

  1. You believe in working for an employer and are grateful to have a job. It goes without saying (almost) that you love your job
  2. You borrow astronomical sums of money that will keep you in debt for a minimum thirty years just to have a roof over your head
  3. You go “ahh, isn’t that lovely” whenever you are shown a picture of one black hand holding one white hand (or two guys french-kissing, Hells Angels excepted).
  4. You do not leave home without carrying your credit cards.
  5. You do not take ‘drugs’, but you get pissed out of your mind on alcohol outside of working hours
  6. You do belong to a religion, so long as this does not involve beliefs that contravene rules 1-5.
  7. You will hate the following groups: the unemployed, immigrants, Russians, muslims, the patriarchy, misogonysts, Palestinians, drug dealers, diddlers, homophobes, aethists, climate-change activists, public transport users, evildoers, anti-social elements, anti-semites, the sick, the needy, those who are different, and anybody or anything else we tell you to hate.
  8. You get your information from TV and it’s print/internet subsidiaries and believe that anybody who tells you different is lying – otherwise, why wouldn’t they be on the TV if what they have to say is true?
  9. You will not think or speak out. Ever.
  10. You do not need to know how to count

In short, ‘diverse’ means, “A group of two or more people who work mind-numbing dead-end jobs for subsistance wages that keep them in debt for such necessities as housing and education, but who never complain about it, respect the authority of their employers and governments, believe in the system, and do what they are told without question”.

Those who disagree are rejecting diversity.

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