Open Source Under Attack

This week’s conspiracy involves the recently launched state-corporate partnership against free software.

Last year’s Snowden revelations about surveillance – which appear to have dried up recently – have caused many more people to be drawn towards Open Source Software. Open source is more reliable, more trustworthy, more secure, and it’s free. The power of marketing has hidden these facts from most people, and to raise awareness it took the imposition of an Orwellian overwatch that makes the Stasi look like bumbling, under-funded amateurs.

Over the last year there has been a corresponding inscrease in interest for Open Source, particularly in the all-important area of security. A domain in which Open Source excels. This month the fight-back is on.

First to go was fat boy Brenden Eich, erstwhile CEO of open-source Mozilla. The corpulant executive officer had petulantley voted against gay marriage in California and was outed for it. He voted the wrong way and consequently his fat ass had to go. He didn’t understand that in a modern democracy in the laughably misnamed “land of the free” it is not enough that certain behaviours and actions be lawful, it is not enough to merely give one’s consent to the will of the majority, one must also give one’s wholehearted approval. Tolerance and respect for the rule of law is no longer enough. You are obliged to agree. The fat boy voted the wrong way, he had the temerity to disagree and thus the prick had to be fired. From the organisation he had founded.

Consider, if a big-swinging-dick of a dotcom CEO can get the sack for voting the wrong way in a referendum, what manner of misfortunate might befall cockroaches like us who have to work for them? If you’ve still got a job and you want to keep it, think very carefully about who and what you vote for.

The old communists must be spinning in their graves.

Next up, Heartbleed. An aptly-named internet bug seemingly purpose-made to scare the bejeezus out of everybody. The media is telling us that because of Open Source our social media accounts have been compromised and right now, this minute, Russian and Chinese hackers are impersonating us and telling all those precious ‘connections’, ‘followers’, ‘fb-friends’, and any other assholes we pretend to know online what jerks we all are. God forbid, even your bank account might have been emptied by now, as if any of us have got anything left in them to take.

Microsoft avoided this one. Bill Gates’s lifelong crusade against free software has forbidden the use of Open Source in Microsoft products and, an unnamed Windows developer said, “MS are quite capable of introducing security holes by themselves”. Similarly for Apple, where wealth-creator Stephen Patron Saint of Jobs also led us to believe that we’d somehow be better off by being good consumers and purchasing his security-flawed junk software, as opposed to scrounging for Open Source handouts.

The corporate state does not want you to use free software. On the one hand they want you to pay them for using it, and on the other they want to control and monitor everything you do with it. They’ll be banning compilers next. “Teenager arrested for possession of C#. police say ‘hundreds of lines’ siezed. Mother concerned he might move onto the hard stuff, C++ or Assembler. Stay calm, urges Mayor.

In other news, five more African nations were bombed today for illegally distributing what NATO authorities described as “a POSIX-compliant Unix-like operating system of mass destruction“. In stark contrast, here’s the fucking bbc harping on about how wonderful it is to have a job.

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