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Another Obama Superplan Goes Awry – A DUBKAFile Exclusive

The hopey-changey calculus was to out-flank congressional reluctance to provide him with the money he needs to ‘finish the job’ in Syria, through arming his jihadi proxies by other means. Those means were somewhat Dickchenean, amounting to ‘let them steal what they need from Iraq’. If Maliki kicks up a fuss about it, remind him what happened to Saddam could just as easily happen to him. Oh, and don’t forget to bring up all those old chestnuts about breaking apart Iraq complete with maps and all.

Then, while everybody’s attention is on Baghdad wondering if it is going to ‘fall’ world-war-two-style to the aptly named Islamic State of El-Sham (ISIS – translating roughly to ‘the country that does not exist nor will it ever exist’), the stolen Humvees, guns, ammo, and boatloads of ready cash are being driven out of Mosul in the opposite direction – towards Syria.

That was the whole point. They went to Mosul not to ‘take’ the city, but because the Syrian Arab Army has handed them an eighteen-month long string of defeats on the battlefield and the once generous flow of supplies from Saudi Arabia and the USA is drying up. They need to re-arm and Iraq as it currently stands is just across a porous desert border and defenceless, thanks to you-know-whom.

While Maliki is dependent on America and powerless to act, Rouhani, Putin, and Assad are not. To wit, while everybody is still looking at Baghad wondering when the attack will come and if it will conflict with the football on TV (sucks if it does), the ISIS are getting their asses handed to them by Syrian jets on the other side of the country. The presence of 550 US trainers and advisors not withstanding. Or is that what the US military is advising Iraq now? Ask the Syrians to help?

Then there was the ‘mystery’ airborne attack on jihadi positions around Mosul on Wednesday, driving down the local price of liver. Nobody knows who dropped the bombs, we’re told, it’s a mystery. Perhaps the mystery might be cleared up if one considers the squadron of Iranian fighter-bombers that arrived in Iraq on Monday with the stated intent of engaging the jihadis around Mosul. Russia is also chipping in, promptly delivering the beleagured Iraq military with the equipment that the USA promised to deliver yonks ago but never honoured.

So, while everybody is still waiting for an ISIS assault on Baghdad, the real action is on the Syria-Iraq border where the disarrayed remnants of the US-Saudi Syrian ‘rebels’ are being annhiliated by Syria and Iran fully supported by the vast military resources of Russia and at the behest of Iraq.

Maybe the White House should send in Victoria Nuland and Jen Psaki, chaperoned by the lunatic John McCain and all under the tutelage of Hilary Rodham Clinton. Not for them to sort the situation out, just to put them in harm’s way.

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