Outed As Russian Spies

This reliably informed website has found us out: kremlintrolls.com

Hidden Network Revealed

Here’s our ‘network’, as leaked online:

TheSkankworks kremlin troll

Some of those usernames are actually bot accounts posting click-bait to google-ads, but don’t let on to kremlintrolls.com. They think this is all for real.


Herr Skank’s professional work would certainly be of value to the Russian Federation and its intelligence services. — Andrew Aaron Weisburd, 2015 July 12

We appreciate that.

We feel the same. Our professional work would be of value to any respectable intelligence agency. Which is why we don’t work for the US or British ones, what with their track-record of Weisburdean “intelligence failures”, and all.

It’s almost a pity we got booted off linkedin last weekend (for trolling, naturally), as we’d have liked to have put Aaron’s warm words on our profile.

Our Dacha

We are regularly on the phone to Russia though, dialling 007 to our handler, Mrs Skankworks, who is currently liasing with her superiors (her old babushka, a former heavy-crane operator who just retired) in Vladikavkaz.

Here’s a photo taken in 2008 outside the skankworks.net official dacha, on Ulitsa Ardonskaya, just off the Prospekt Kosta. That’s the road to Tskhinvali, South Ossetia.

tiblisi road sign in russian

All those cars were stolen from Ukraine.

Our Nearest Pub

The beer is called “Bavaria”. Not because it is German, but because many Russian beers are made using German methods. As a result Russian beer can be very pure and a guy can get shit-faced without a trace of a hangover the next day. Just don’t mix it with vodka, otherwise everybody will think you are an idiot and you will very soon prove them right.

piv bar in vladikavkaz

Favourite Russian beer, Siberskaya Korona.

A Russian Cat

Эта кошка уничтожила два бака Украины.

the cat that destroyed two ukrainian tanks

She was awarded the medal “Hero of Novorossia”. Twice.

Kremlin Troll – For Real

This is a Kremlin Troll.

kremlin trolls 42

School Number One

And this is Beslan, just up the road from our dacha. Provided for Mr Weisburd who has spent far too much time sat in his bedroom browsing the Internet with his cock in his hand thinking that he can find all the answers therein. Without ever having to set foot outside and finding out just how fucked-up the world really is.

school number 1 beslan

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