Paddy Ashdowned

Politicians are slippery, evasive, insulting, and always have one eye on how much they can earn. On those rare occasions when one does gain their attention it is important to stick to the point, dismiss their evasiveness and repeat the question until they answer it.

No, Mr Ashdown, we were not being rude to you.

You are perhaps too used to supplicant stenographers masquerading as journalists who are overwhelmed by your attention who will happily cut and paste anything you tell them.

My line of questioning, as you are fully aware, was to have you respond regarding your own involvement in the UK’s eternal conflict with what is now called Yemen. A conflict upon which you established your political career. You are not part of the solution, you are and always have been part of the problem.

Your political career has enriched you while destroying the party that you once led and you betrayed those who were fool enough to trust you with their votes.

Now is the time for you to delete your resume and retire quietly into your dotage. Young people should not be deceived by you as their parents were and they deserve better.

As you are also aware from our questioning, we already knew the answers. We also believe we already know the answer to the question we did not ask you, which is six.

For the record:

paddy ashdown questioned

Editor’s Note

Whatever one thinks of Mr Ashdown’s political views his professionalism cannot be called into question. He allowed us to pursue our line of questioning whereas many of the younger crop of politicians would have simply blocked.

Ashdown learned how to use the Internet late in his life and, as we can see, he engages with it. Our younger politicians, who grew up with the Internet, seem to think it is a soap-box where they speak and we listen.

So he deserves credit for his professionalism and we will be showing this page to those politicians who block legitmate users on Twitter instead of answering questions. To remind them who voted for them, who pays them, and who they work for.

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