The Poop Revolution Didn’t Go Viral

Which is a good thing.

We have a lot more to say about this, but we can only tweet. There are no posts. The antics of the latest colour-revolution make Brexit look refined. Indescribably degenerate, but we’ll touch upon that in depth and at length in a later post, with pictures too). We are of course referring to the Sorosian “Purple Revolution in the USA”, which to date has been, predictably for the old fellow, more poop than purp.

So follow us on twitter @theSkankworks for all the latest scorn.

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What’s This?

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Hillary’s Health

hillary clinton zombie

She’s been sick in the head for many, many years – has it now affected her body?

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Memories of 911

We were not there on the day – fortunately for us. But we were invited over to NYC and Washington D.C. a few days afterwards by a media company who offered us a $5,000 advance cheque, return-trip tickets from Europe, and a contract to write a book about, and become a TV talking-head expert on, terrorism.

We had press access to the sites.

What we saw, coupled with the fact that we had no expertise on terrorism whatsoever, induced us to send the cheque back, tear up the contract, and go on unemployment benefits instead.

What we cannot show, but what we cannot forget, is the smell.

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Paddy Ashdowned

Politicians are slippery, evasive, insulting, and always have one eye on how much they can earn. On those rare occasions when one does gain their attention it is important to stick to the point, dismiss their evasiveness and repeat the question until they answer it.

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