Pimp my BUK

Pimped BUK For Sale

Thinking of getting a new ride?

pimped buk 3x2

All mods were fitted by reputable back-street dealers in Krasnodon, Krasnoarmiis’k, and other places beginning with K.

Not suitable for use around international air-corridors, but can be driven almost anywhere else. Rugged Soviet design. As used by NATO allies.

One previous owner.

Stand Out From The Crowd

This state-of-the-art hotrod is geo-locatable and comes complete with a set of eight low-loaders for easy transport when you just have to be seen.

Note: Engine will only start if there’s a YouTuber present.

Three-month warranty. Export may be subject to sanctions and or strategic arms limitations treaties. Please verify with your local Junta and/or commandant before attempting to cross borders.

We accept BitCoin.

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