Press Release: New Drone Product Launch

25 August 2014

The is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a strategic software development partner by the US Department of Defence to develop interactive online drone-control software.

At the start of March 2013 the US budget sequestor severely reduced the funding available for the next generation of US military and police drone control systems. The cutbacks forced an out-sourcing policy and interested vendors were asked to submit proposals for the design and implementation of a user interface for remote drone pilots.

To be launched in Q4 2014 the “Control-a-Drone” package will allow US domiciled persons to login and take control of a drone with pay-per-use or subscription options using a cloud-based web-application. The next-generation application will run on all supported desktop and mobile devices, and there are plans to integrate drone control into emerging augmentation technology such as google glass and self-driving cars. With eye-movement control one will be able to effortlessly fly drones in combat zones worldwide while sitting in the safety and comfort of their smoke-free self-driving cars on the way to work.

There will be several packages available for users depending on how much they wish to participate. These are:

Pay-per-use system using mobile wallet technology. Users will only pay for the time spent at the controls but will be restricted to unarmed drones. These missions are auto-selected by the cloud and basic users’ logon screens will show a list of available missions based on whichever drones happen to be in the air at the time. The missions for basic users are limited to non-combat observation, espionage, cointel, and drug war operations.

Premium users pay a monthly fee and are permitted to select specific combat zones and add them to their favorites lists. SMS and Twitter messages can be configured to alert users whenever a drone becomes available in their favorites. Additionally premium users will be able to “ride shotgun” with real-time feeds from military-piloted combat drones in their chosen theatres. After registering one hundred hours of combat observation and an equivalent amount of non-combat flight-time, users will have the option to upgrade to PREMIUM GOLD and fly their own combat missions.

Users have the same features as Premium account holders but may also be presented with combat missions. Engaging in combat enters users into a system-wide rankings ladder and enables the sharing of gun-cam feeds on their favorite social networks. Be the envy of online gamers. Premium Gold account holders are only able to fire upon targets selected by a remote military observer who will high-light the terrorist on-screen for users to shoot at. Confirmed kills may entitle users to a share in any reward money and medals for bravery may even be awarded at the drone base commanding officer’s discretion. Additionally, and at no extra charge, Premium Gold members will be able to place bids for named individuals on the President’s weekly kill list updated every Tuesday.

Signature Strike Members pay an annual fee and are permitted to select their own targets in US designated theatres of operation. Signature accounts are restricted to combat veterans, but civilian Premium Gold users who achieve ten or more kills will be able to optionally upgrade to Signature Strike (SS). With SS authoritzation users are allocated their own personal luxury drones which they may arm with weapons and ordinance of their choice from the vast selection on offer from the US military, using standard online payment methods including credit cards, PayPal and BitCoin. Their drones will be launched on a pre-arranged scheduled with precise timing by local in-theatre operatives outfitted in full dress uniform. Once in the air, the Signature Strike pilot will be handed complete control of all flight and weapons systems and may fire upon any target they choose (for the moment restricted to targets outside the continental United States).

As an inductory offer the first one hundred SIGNATURE STRIKE members will receive a free booklet explaining what really happened on Sept 11th, personally autographed by Larry Silverstein and ten free “Carpet Bomb This Area” tokens.

Sign-up today.

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