Privacy Policy

We do not ask for any personal information and we do not share it if we’re given it. You may post here anonymously if you like. We value publicity of the message and privacy of the messenger.

The is fully SSL. We redirect all unecrypted connections to our secure server.

We use cookies for the following reasons: For logged-in users to keep track of sessions, and for blocking spam bots. If you are not logged-in you can disable cookies for the site without loss of functionality or content.

Cross-Site Leakage
Many sites share information on your visit as a matter of course. When you see buttons such as “share this”, “add to social media”, “pagerank”, for example. Or see graphical sidebars apps, eg, heatmaps showing where visitors are coming from. Or embedded videos. These usually direct your browser to load content from a third-party, and frequently pass on information about what pages you are viewing.

We use only the following:

Embedded YouTube videos.
Embedded Twitter content

We avoid using any other content that is hosted by third-parties.