Quenelle Explained

Unnacceptable Gesture Seen on Internet

Currently trending among politicians is the “quenelle”, an allegedly anti-establishment gesture said to have been concocted by a Frenchman suspected of being a member of a family of immigrants. That immigrants, or their descendents, neighbours, friends, colleagues, or co-workers should have the temerity to ciritcize the very government that saved them is something that, in the lofty realms of governmental politics, will never do. What would the press say? Immigrants arriving, having children that grow up, get educated, and then speak their own minds! It requires a back-lash, which is now underway as the global powers-that-be appear to have decided to close ranks and publicly flex their censorship and control muscles with a global internet ban on the quenelle. Conformity is the order of the day.

What is the Quenelle
It’s used by neo-nazis, they say. Homophobes and patriarchial abusers of women use the gesture, we are told. Thus it has to be banned. Illegal gestures might cause global warming, and might be offensive to gays.

The gesture (left) originally represented a drug-addict abusing heroin and, in the interests of children who might be browsing, the skankworks.net has taken the editorial decision to remove the most shocking and explicit aspects of the gesture.

The image depicts the correct position for users to inject herion. An underground drug booklet explains that running one’s fingertips from the shoulder down towards the wrist is the easiest way to find a vein whilst holding a syringe (not shown). The right arm is held straight down with the fingers splayed and palm facing the rear. The left-hand holds the syringe – note how the thumb is positioned ready to inject. The scale on the left-hand side represents the syringe and on printed forms of the gesture the dosage self-administered can be marked-off with a pencil or eye-brow liner.

The head is shown severed from the body to represent how one’s head is said to be “in the cloud” while under the influence of illegal drugs.

In some French-speaking colonies the word “Quenelle” also has a medical meaning regarding shoulder injuries and in those countries you may see the quenelle image outside orthopedic surgeries.

How you can help.

If you see anybody using this gesture, on the internet or in public, you should call security. Your child’s life might depend on it.


Famous Quenelles
President Obama quenelle during inaugurationPresident Obama quenelle during inauguration.

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