R2P Interpretations

NATO and Russia differ on many things, the alleged “responsibility to protect” not being the least of them. Russia sends truckloads of water, food, and medicine. NATO sends bombs.

Russian Aid Convoy - Responsibility to Protect

Stay tuned for the next episode in NATO Follies, as NATO creation ISIS are used as an excuse to bomb the Syrian government using targetting co-ordinates supplied by the Syrians. Bellicose Pentagon officials will be on TV warning Syria not to attack US warplanes, while Syrians privately ask, “Why would we want to stop you from bombing our targets, your own guys?”.

Just like Afghanistan, where the US was getting targetting information from an Al-Qaeda double-agent. Right up to the day he blew himself, the entire CIA Afpak drone-control team, and – suspiciously – an English-speaking Jordanian Prince, up at FOB Chapman.

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