Refugee Crisis

The EU member states met in secret on May 18th 2015 to plan a ‘military solution’ to the ten-fold increase in refugees seeking shelter in Europe. The plans were obtained by wikileaks.

EU plan for military intervention against “refugee boats” in Libya and the Mediterranean

These documents help explain some of the background to current events. Read on to see how these plans are playing-out beyond the sensationalist headlines.

Basic Approach and Terminology

Refugees are an inevitable result of NATO’s wars in the middle east. Inevitable, and long ago predicted. But the EU has chosen to overlook the consequences of its own actions and call them ‘migrants’. To imply they seek to take all those well-paying jobs that the EU has in adbundance, or, more likely, claim benefits like so many Europeans already have to.

It’s a lie. They are trying to find somewhere to stay alive. A secondary aspect to the ‘migrants’ labelling are the so-called ‘human traffickers’. Who, it is similarly implied, are responsible for the crisis.

The EU plan, then, was to blow migrant’s boats out of the water, bomb their ports of embarkation in Libya, and say people smugglers did it.

Turkish Connection

The bombing of the waters and coastline of Libya went largely unreported over the last few months. With the exception of the occasional pictures of bodies washing ashore, largely ignored.

In August, however, the refugees started arriving in Greece, instead of Italy. The EU bombing of Libyan waters having effectively cut-off the route to Italy. Thus the flow has switched to Turkey, which as a NATO member cannot be bombed. At least, not without Obama’s approval.

Turkey hasn’t got much of a Human Rights record, and we can be fairly certain that if Turkey wished to it could cut-off the flow of refugees from its own shores in an instant. Using whatever methods they like, now matter how brutal.

Normally this is what Turkey would do. At the moment, however, it suits Turkey to allow unlimited numbers of refugees through, in order to force the EU’s hand. Turkery wants, needs, Syria’s government to be overthrown, so that they may concentrate on the bigger threat, the Kurdish PKK.

Blame Assad

The reaction of EU members, this September, is predictable. In spite of being responsible for the destruction of so many middle-eastern nations, and in spite of being shat on by fellow NATO members Turkey and the USA – or rather because of – they blame Assad. And call for more bombings.

It goes without saying that the flow of refugees will be cut drastically if the Syiran government is overthrown. Not because that will make Syria a safe place once again, far from it. But simply because with nobody left in the region to provide any kind of over-sight, the refugees will simply be handed over to ISIS or gunned-down on the spot.

That’s how the West operates now. Destroy a nation, then use it’s a destruction as an excuse to destroy its neighbours as well. All for American business, which without the income generated from war would have collapsed long ago.

As an aside, Russia has taken in more refugees from Ukraine than Europe has from the entire middle east, and has become the world’s number one destination for refugees. Including the odd American, as in Edward Snowden.

Update Nov 2nd 2015

Although fallen out of the headlines, the crisis is not getting any better. In fact, it’s getting worse with October 2015 seeing an estimated 200,000 people – thats ‘people’, not ‘refugees’, not ‘migrants’, not ‘illegals’, but human beings, crossing into Europe. A record number, and more than there was in a year just five short years ago.

Germany, who cynically used football fans for propaganda with it’s “refugees welcome” marketing campaign, now finds it has nowhere to house, no jobs to occupy and precious little money to provide for their basic human needs. And no other EU country – especially the former Warsaw Pact ones – are interested in taken them. So existing “refugees” are being deported back to the war zones whence they came in order to make room for the latest ones, in what is fast becoming a global migration merry-go-round. Not that it’s making anybody merry.

Update Jan 2016: Hating on Refugees

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