Russian Tanks – Found in Translation

Bing Translation Reveals Cross-Border Russian Invasion

Auto-translations are back on twitter, courtesy of Bing. Confused? You soon will be.

Not content with providing English-speakers with the most ludicrously-named battle in military history, “The Debaltsevo Boiler“, Bing are now inventing Russian cross-border invasions, finding them in translation.

British journalist Graham Phillips has been reporting from the front-lines of the Ukrainian civil war in a manner that recalls John Pilger in Vietnam. Today he tweeted in Russian on the situation at Debaltsevo as the Novorossiyan forces straighten the contact line prior to the weekend deadline.

Phillips tweeted an update in Russian that the fighting was continuing at the front-line town.

In a manner worthy of CNN, Bing translated “Novorossia” as “new Russia”, and “front-line town” as “frontier city”. And as if by magic yet another cross-border Russian invasion appears on social-media just for English-speakers (and presumably speakers of all other Bing-supported languages as well).

bing mis-translates novorossia and creates a russian invasion

Not that it makes any sense to “enter the town at (…) city”. That should be the first clue for non-Russian speakers.

Given the US reliance on social-media for evidence against Russia we can expect, by Saturday midnight Kiev-time, General Breedlove and John Kerry to be on TV raving about this mythical new Russian invasion.

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