Russian Tanks Spotted Invading Ukraine

Russian tanks spotted near Ukraine border – social media provides evidence.

russian tanks spotted 
near ukraine border

The recent media bruhaha about Russian tanks spotted in Ukraine which made it all the way to the issuance of a formal White House denial, appears to have originated with a single tweet by Telegraph hack Roland Oliphant made to – who else – the BBC. In Donets’k, Russia near the border with Ukraine at the time, he claimed to have seen Russian military vehicles. This ‘sighting’ quickly became quantified as ’23 APCs’, then some people, unaware that there are two cities named ‘Donetsk’ in the Donbass region, assumed the alleged APCs to be in Donetsk, Ukraine, and the rumour spread rapidly.

Challenged to back up this claim, and mocked for being a war correspondent without a camera, Oliphant did eventually produce a photograph. His picture only showed one APC, clearly still in Russia, with a broken wheel and a couple of support vehicles. No matter, by this time the bbc seal-of-approval had circulated the rumour through the newswires and talk of the ‘invasion’ was all over the Internet. For hours they tried in vain to search for any evidence, photographic or eye-witnees, but none could be found. Then some bright spark advised the Kiev Junta to say they’d destroyed what had now morphed into a column of Russian tanks.

This was duly announced by Kiev and with the possibility of providing any evidence of russian tanks invading Ukraine now moot, western presstitutes were convinced the invasion was underway, and had been repelled. Hallelujah!

Eventually the White House had to step in and restore some kind of order to the rabble media by denying the claims. The white House, unlike those who clamour for its attention, is presumably aware that if and when Russia does invade Ukraine, there will not be any doubt.

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