Skunk Blocked

From our IT correspondent @skankworksAgile:

Sherry Leeds called us a skunk and insta-blocked us today because she’s yet another American former military conservative who cannot abide anybody expressing any free speech that contradicts her own opinions, forcing us to respond to her here at length.

She hating on us because after she popped up on our TL pulling her weight for US military volunteers who willingly participated in the illegal Rape of Iraq and murder of millions we told her that we don’t care so much for those people who choose to kill rather than finding themselves a job.

An opinion of ours that we hold strongly. These guys were not drafted – they volunteered in the full knowledge that what they would be ordered to do was illegal and that they would be abandoned when their government had no further use for them. But they wouldn’t believe it, and now they suffer the consequences.

We have spoken with many veterans ourselves, and we hear a consistent story: “There were no jobs where I lived so what else could I do?

We usually suggest, “move?”, which of course they did. The easy way, to an Army Boot Camp. We also had to leave our hometown, and even our homeland, to find work, but we did so by emigrating, unarmed, under our own steam, and by relying on our own mettle. So we’ve no sympathy for those who call themselves ‘men’ but are unable to stand on their own two feet unless they are given a gun and ordered to by a superior.

If they now had the form of stress disorders that are willingly imposed on the unemployed, which they apparantly joined the Army to avoid, they would get no support and be told they are scroungers and it’s their own fault for failing to hold down a job.

For as long as the unemployed are being oppressed, mostly after being dumped by an employer who found out he can legally increase his own salary into the million-dollar range by off-shoring the work to nations where employees have no rights whatsoever, we refuse to sympathise with those who joined the military as a “way out” and say to them what is often told to the jobless: It’s your own fault, deal with it.

Sherry, Sherry Baby

Sherry, who appears to be more of a career-military type, now does her patriotic bit by ‘supporting’ abandoned vets. She kind of looks a little bit like Madeleine Albright and we’ve a sneaking suspicion that her attitude to dead Iraqi children is also similar.

Her consecutive retweets about Unicef trying to inoculate the few remaining non-mutant Iraqi children – something the Iraqi goverment used to do before Sherry and her Jarhead Clan destroyed it – followed by NATO’s magnanimous sales of military hardware to the puppet govt in Baghdad are at best contradictory, and at worst hypocritical. Which would bring her fully in-line with mainstream neo-con philosophy.


We also suspect that she considers Americans to be the master race, rebranded as “exceptional” and cannot comprehend how appalled many non-Americans are with what they have done. We are compelled to quote V.V. Putin’s 2015 speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations:

Do you realise now what you have done?

It could be argued that our attitude to the vets is no different to the government that abandoned them. Which it is, kind of. Then again we have no duty to them. We are not Americans, thank god. But we would like to remind Ms Leeds that the criminals who initiated the Iraq War, inter alia, are still walking free and largely remain in power. We would tell her, if she hadn’t blocked us, that if she really wants to help veterans overcome their PTSD the best way to do that would be to have the criminals that caused it thrown in jail. It’s what psychotherapists would call ‘closure’, to the rest of us it’s ‘justice’.

She could then dedicate her efforts towards effecting a badly-needed regime change in her own homeland focused upon cutting the obscene military budget and using the money to build public schools and hospitals that are free of charge – like civilised countries do. She might also consider supporting political candidates willing to tell jobs off-shorers that if they do not employ people locally they are going to get the shit taxed out of them.

Post Script: We are fully aware of what happens to people in war. We know many Russians who fought for the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, or for Russia in Chechnya, but they were drafted which is an entirely different kettle of fish. None of them returned home with PTSD and in contrast seem rather proud of the way they handled the vicious situation they were thrown into. They have our respect. Those who volunteer to participate in a crusade do not.

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