Stupid Butt-Hurt Millenials

This guy curates some fine examples, gives context, and a coherent response, a full-on bollocking no less, to those in the UK who protested the Brexit referendum result.

Worth watching.

Our View

We saw for ourselves how the crowd of alleged protestors was predominately middle-class white. The one person of mixed-race we did see, a photographer from South London covering the event who asked that her name be witheld, agreed that it was not a representative London street scene.

The usual crowd of SJWs, with no real idea of what they were ‘protesting’ about and essentially just there for the craic, in lock-step with government policy utterly convinced they are being rad and effecting change. By maintaining the status quo.


They had their concerns about stock prices, so we gather. Unit trusts and foriegn exchange rates also weighed heavily on their minds, something to do with monthly allowances from trust-funds we’re told.

Some were protesting everything. Environment, gay marriage, brexit, Donald Trump, all their favourited new-media trending issues fed to them by buzzfeed and gawker as they habour perhaps distant dreams of their very own selfies going viral.

The Real Voters

We also noted that the only other ‘protest’ of significance to take place, not that it even got off the ground, was in Liverpool. London and Liverpool, the two English cities most likely to attract temporary foriegn residents of the young ‘socially-concious’ well-financed SJW variety.

In those areas of the nation where native-born and permanent residents live, i.e. those who have a right to vote in the UK, people were not out protesting. One suspects that those who were born in Britain and those who have chosen to make Britain their home alike were grateful for having the opportunity to vote in a free election.

A referendum in which there was, as far as we know, not a single accusation of voter fraud or any irregularites with the count. The voters didn’t need any protests to express their opinion because they were able to vote it. Many British voters are comfortable enough with that to choose not to vote and just go with the flow. So those who abstain are unlikely, probably even less likely, to be out in the pouring rain protesting the result of a vote that they have already expressed a preference to ignore.

It was just that small 1% who get 99% of the media coverage who were out protesting. Not for any great, even if misguided purpose either. Given that their overseas Mums and Dads already own most of the country anyway. It was a nice day out for them. Something to chat and gossip about next year when they are all ‘residing’ in the next “must have” host-nation on their Countries-I’ve-lived-in lists. A craic.


No mention of War in Syria, Yemen, Lybia, let alone Ukraine. Except when you delve back two or three years into their timelines and discover their equally vocal and monumentally ill-informed support for #EuroMaidan.

They love NAZIs in Ukraine, hate democratic votes at home. Then they call everybody who disagrees with them fascist.

Little more needs to be said, so we’ll end on this archetypal note:

winston churchill statue eu flag


We would not normally recommend an Info Wars production as, in our experience, any work sourced to the man we call The Conspiracy Theorist’s Thomas Friedman, Strip-Club Veteran Alex Jones, usually turns out to be one of collosal crap. We recommend this one though.

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