The False False-Flag

With the United States now officially fighting a proxy-war against itself in Syria, could the latest terrorist attack in Ankara have been a false false-flag?

Several theories have been put forward for the attack, with conspiracy consensus leaning, as always, to the obvious. In this case, a Turkish false-flag to generate support for the long-planned invasion of Syria.

Into a “buffer-zone” which we note is growing smaller by the day. This buffer-zone, the object of Erdogan’s desires, was once envisioned as having a 90-km depth along the entire border – to include the oil fields, has at the time of writing been reduced to a 10*40km pocket north of Aleppo.

Big enough for the EU to dump their unwelcome refugees into and not much more.

Doesn’t Make Sense
It doesn’t make sense for Erdogan to attack his own military where they breath, Italian-style though. Some of them must already be mighty pissed at the risks he has taken with them and the humiliations he has dealt them.

With Obama and his NATO partners desperately wanting to extricate themselves from the quagmire they have dug themselves into, an anti-Erdogan coup led by well-armed West leaning bankers might be just the kind of straw they would grasp at.

Sometime ago a military coup in a NATO country may have raised some eyebrows, but after what has happened in Ukraine in the two years prior to the time of writing, anything is possible now. They can just say Erdogan raped a hotel maid, or that Putin had him killed, and nobody will question it.

The opportunity for an enterprising and bold Turkish officer, with good connections to the banking community, is certainly there for the taking.

The False False-Flaggers
This is what leads us to believe the latest “terrorist” attack was a false-false-flag. That is, an attack that was crafted to look like a false flag. Who are the suspects?

Islamic State
For many reasons, but specifically for flaggists, to give Erdogan something he can use to launch an invasion.

As above, and possibly in combination with, but also contains the inner-flag of wanting to provoke a coup. Two flags for the price of one from the CIA this week, both false.

While we think it unlikely that Putin would authorize armed action in Turkey at this stage of the conflict, Russia could have the same coup-provoking motives. Paying the US back in kind with a little colour-revolutioning of their own in a NATO member.

For that matter, maybe a little Russian-Spring could be added in the Baltics. Ask them how that EU membership thing has been working out for them, as their boys and girls get drafted to go fight themselves in one of the West’s endless series of wars.

Turkish Army
If this is the case, maybe it is a coup already. Erdogan’s days are numbered. Technically this would be an orthodox false-flag though, but we included it just in case.

#FalseFlagGirl Hashtag
Charlie says the events in Paris were not a false flag

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