The New Uniforms

As a general editorial policy we do not give links to mainstream media. This is because we encourage our readers to avoid television and mainstream news publications.

Full disclosure: We stopped reading newspapers in the late 1980’s, and threw out our television in 1996. Reader’s may judge for themselves if these decisions to ignore whatever the MSM says has in anyway impaired our understanding of current events.

In this article, in which we will not be providing a link to the source, we step out of our policy to present an image the BBC are circulating in which they portray an Al-Qaeda commander as a “moderate rebel”.

Here’s the screenshot.

BBC promote al qaeda in fake report

Background: Intrepid BBC man courageously makes his way to the Turkey-Syria border and does a remote interview with a moderate rebel commander, breathlessly.

That’s the BBC’s version.

The studio setting seems to be a little out of place for such an interview alleged to have been conducted across the front lines.

A note on the flags: Those are not the flag of Syria. They are the flags of French-occupied Syria before it gained independence.

A note on the uniform: It’s brand new, like the flag, and it doesn’t even fit him.

A note on the man: He is a local commander of al-qaeda who has been holding the civilian population of Aleppo hostage for several years and now faces defeat and, perhaps, retribution if not justice. It his him and his group that the Syrian refugees are fleeing.

A note on the whole: It is impossible that the BBC do not know that this is al-qaeda they are promoting.

In Syria, If You Can’t Find Moderates, Dress Up Some Extremists

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