The Politics of Laziness

We were going to stay out of it, we usually try to, but enough is enough and we are compelled to write about it. Which we will limit to one post.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is being attacked by a self-righteous mob for failing to provide “inclusivity”. At least, that’s what you might hear. In this article we document the origins of this manufactured and pointless storm-in-a-teacup and how it will all turn out – by making you pay a little bit more for everything.

Tagging – It’s So Complicated

A self-described filmmaker, who has worked on a few minor sex-themed movies, tweeted this complaint:

She was adding keywords.

Filmmaker Wolfe tried to add “woman-director”, then raised a complaint because that tag didn’t work right and auto-suggested alternatives were not to her liking. It soon became a MeToo moment of cultural misogony for her, baked into the fabric of tech:


If she had spent 30 seconds researching IMDB tagging she’d have learned that IMDB users that preceded her have opted for “female director”, rather than “woman director”. That is the extent of the problem she faces. The community prefers “female”, she expects it to be “woman”.

Her argument that women movie-makers can’t be tagged is thus moot.

No matter, she’s already taken it up with the movement. A movement that thus far appears to consist of her and her Internet friends.

This was after several people, including ourselves, had tweeted her, suggesting which tags to use. She was given screenshots of the search results, but for some reason the “film threat” account didn’t tweet screenshots that show you can in fact search for female directors. They chose to run with the false implication that you can’t.

Threat takes up the demand that IMDB “fix” the not broken backend. No mention of who will pay for these changes to the backend software, but ‘threat’ does offer some limited tag-word policing, to be provided by the community. As if an IMDb community hadn’t existed these last 18 years or so doing just that, or is there a new community in town? Come to clean up this website, sheriff-style?


Somebody who makes films wanted her films to get more hits on the free website IMDB. She wanted to use the tagging features to achieve this. Fine, this is how search works and IMDB provide users with the means to enhance the site with this feature (Amazon, who own IMDB, are hardly likely to pay people to add search tags are they?). End-users have to add their own search tags.

Then it gets difficult. The tagging interface is complicated. Other people who have used it before chose different keywords for the tags. The auto-suggest is horrible, about poop, and everything. So she wants it “fixed”. Right now. It has to be inclusive and tags have to be reworded to meet her approval.

If she is successful in getting the SJW mob involved, which we doubt she will be as nobody has ever heard of any of her films, IMDB may be forced to bend to her lazy-ass will. Which will cost money. Which Ms Wolfe certainly will not be handing over. You will. Everytime you buy a product that is advertised on IMDB or Amazon or Washington Post, or any other company owned by Amazon, no matter where you buy it from, you will be financing Wolfe’s self-righteous laziness.


Don’t think it will come cheap. Wolfe will defend her laziness by inventing on-the-spot arguments against “female director” in favour of her choice of “woman director”, thus offending trans directors by doing so, and before she knows it the entire alphabet soup of metooism will get involved overhauling the entire backend tagging system at great expense. Without asking you if you wanted to finance it for them. You have to finance this, because that’s your privilege.

Once it’s done they’ll all, especially Wolfe, give each other a pat on the back and will have forgotten all about it five minutes later. Leaving everybody else to pick up the tab as they go off data-mining the Internet for more minutiae they can get all offended about rather than having to waste their precious time on considered thought.

Wolfe’s behaviour is typical of the Urban Elites. When the world and the things in it does not live up to their expectations, then it is the world and the things in it that must change – at the world’s own expense – because Wolfe’s merry band of urban trendies know better than the rest of us.


Initially we tried to help Wolfe. We showed her a list of tags she could use, we demonstrated how an end-user can easily find her and other women’s films in search, and we even screen-shotted the page we’d found for one of the short films that she had taken only a minor role in as an associate producer early in her career.

She said that screenshotting “her own page” (it was a screen shot of somebody else’s movie page, but no matter) was abuse, blocked us, and started yelling at her followers that we had accused her of self-promotion and was smearing her character. Which hadn’t even crossed our mind until she said it.

But now that she’s bought it up…

…it all becomes clear. “Her friend” was updating IMDB. A pretend-friend who can take screenshots but doesn’t tweet, apparantly. That kind of “friend”. The “film threat” account taking up the staff, white knight style, with the same poop-ridden screenshot. Another of that same circle of “friends” perhaps? The only exhibit she will allow to be entered into the record is her own “damning” screenshot, anonymously sourced, instablocking and abusing anybody who researches her claim beyond that initial image.

Well, if she is self-promoting, as her triggered behaviour and the evidence suggests, then she gave herself away, not us. We don’t care. Excluding appearances “as herself” alongside Young Turk Cenk Uygur, her entire catalog consists of two films, including the minor associate producer role mentioned above. Are these not meeting her sales expectations? Boo hoo. She can hire a marketing firm like every other filmmaker has to. Her IMDB record, however, suggests filmmaking is just something she does while waiting for her inheritance to kick in.

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