The Sight of Blood

The terrorists, such that they are, are well aware of the profound effect that the sight of blood has on people. Conspiracy theorists (CT), on the other hand, are not and they always want to either focus on it, or complain that there isn’t enough of it.

Thus we have an image doing the rounds (see below) concerning the 2016 Nice Truck Attack. Claimed by the CT community to be proof of a false flag.

We’ll debunk that claim here and now.

We’ve obscured the image since it is not our intention to use bloody images to get hits. It’s ‘only’ animal blood this time, and there are no pictures of victims.

Click the embedded link to view.

If you do not wish to view, it shows two trucks. One that hit a deer by accident and has a wheel-well covered in blood, and the bloodless (albeit partially dismantled) front of the terrorist’s truck.


The conspiracy theorist question “Notice Anything Missing” is what we answered in our own tweet, and we’ll expand on that briefly here.

It may be presumed, with few opportunities for counter-argument, that the truck that hit a deer most likely did so while travelling on a country highway at a speed of around 100kph. The bloodied deer-truck also appears to be a 40-ton affair, but we do not know if it was carrying a load. If it was not, that would mean it was being driven by an unlucky truck driver (since commerical trucks lose money when travelling empty). So we’ll say 40 ton as a best guess.

The nice truck was 19 tons and was empty. For the sake of argument we’ll call it 20 tons. The on-the-scene videos clearly showed the truck driver began his attack from near walking pace, accelerating into his victims. The peak speed he reached is estimated to be in the region of 60kph, but we shall be over-generous and assume him to have had a constant speed of 60kph throughout the attack.

Now we’ll use the kinetic energy equation e = mv^2 for both trucks using units of kilograms for mass (m) and kilometers per hour (v) for velocity. We shall ignore the vector component of v and assume a straight line path on both trucks (which again over estimates the impact force of the terrorist’s swerving truck).

We’ll put the unit of energy, Joules, in parenthesis due to our use of kph instead of meters per second. The numbers would have been far higher, and unwieldy, if we used SI units, as we’re sure you understand. It does not in anyway alter the ratio between the two trucks, which is all that is important here.

Bearing in mind that kinetic energy is proportional to the square of the velocity, we find:

Deer: Energy (e) = 40,000kg * (100 * 100) kph = 400 Mega “Joules”
Terrorist: e = 20,000 * (60 * 60) = 72 “MJ”


The truck that hit the deer did so with approximately 5.5 times the energy of the Nice Terror Truck.

So it’s hardly surprising that the poor deer suffered a more humane death, by virtue of instantaneity, than the human victims of terror.

Argument closed.


We’ve left out the concepts of impulse and force for simplicity as they would have been more or less identical in both cases (swerving not withstanding) and will not affect our end result in any appreciable manner.

We also know it wasn’t a false flag because she wasn’t there.

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