This Week’s LOL

Goes to a dead guy. Formerly known as Sashko Bily, he entered immortality this week as “that fat nazi who waved a gun about on YouTube“. That ultra-right-wing cock who, just a few short weeks ago, was so full of himself. Marching in to his local council offices dressed appropriately if not fashionably in sturmabteilung kleider during what was, even before he arrived, a tense political meeting. He waved his precious AK in the air and dared the new Ukrainian ‘authorities’ to “take my gun off me. Take my knives off me“.

He was taken up on the dare. The NRA may take second-amendment comfort from the fact that their latest colour-coded regime-changing motherfucker-hero’s weapon was indeed prised from his fat, bloated albeit not quite cold though very dead, hands. The things dreams are made of.

As much as we at the respect all human life and deplore the taking of it, there come times when even we are moved to say “good riddance” to those who make a career threating it. Those who live by the sword, and all that. The Kremlin may take credit for those who would-be the ‘government’ in Kiev who have, perhaps belatedly, shown some mettle worthy of the name. Yats may yet begin to comprehend who is calling the shots.

Our reference to the SA was intended. As much as the toffee-nosed rabble of Western politics and their sycophantic over-paid fawning lackies in the MSM might like to portray Putin as the latest finished goods from their endless production lines of new Hitlers, one cannot help but entertain the more horrific notion that Sashko might be better compared to Ernst Rohm.

Second place LOL goes to Yulia. Intelligence sources, as they say, revealed that she was threatening to massacree eight fucking million of her own people, no less. They said Gadaffi was threatening thousands and look what happened to him. Not that we really want to see a YouTube video of Yulia having a bayonet shoved up her fat ass, but if we discover one we’re sure it will be popular and you’ll be the first to know. We’d also wager that prior to the main event that same video will see her up and out of that wheelchair and running faster than a banker to a bonus-cheque.

Sashko and Yulia’s Funeral Play-List

Valentina Lisitsa – Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
Dido’s Lament
Horst Wessel Lied
Alice’s Restaurant Original Recording

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