Two Minute Hate

Here’s another example of how those who claim to be speaking for tolerance conduct themselves during their own all-too-frequent bouts of unrestrained hatred and intolerance. Here we see how they boldly stand up against the ‘haters’. This time by publishing an identified enemy’s home phone number online such that her telephone life may be made hell for a day or two.

5 minute hate from luthermcdonaldIf they are really, really, successful, they might even force their victim to change her telephone number. With luck, drive her to suicide. Notwithstanding reader luthermcdonald‘s witch’s curse whereby “all the bad things in life (…) happen to you and you alone, beth. i hope horrible things are said to you on your dumb stupid phone number“. Don’t fret, luth, they will be. Add one more eye of newt and a sprinkling of tanis root to the cauldron, leave to simmer, and beth’s telephone and all those who use it, will suffer seven plagues of boils.

If only we could get to hear the calls ourselves. A collection of spiteful rants made to a voicemail from people who will insult even your telephone number as dumb and stupid is just what we could do with while relaxing over our Sunday morning spliffs as we prepare our minds for the week of real work, making real things in the real world, that lays ahead. As opposed to spending our weekends fantasizing over fake people who do fake shit and what we’d like, or rather what we’d like others, to do them.

Anything For Money

2 minute hater Shane10710These websites that are intensely ‘viralizing’ this crap attempt to justify it because, they claim, “[our victim] said she wanted her number published“. How low does one have to stoop for pagerank? Pagerank, remember, means advertising revenue – that’s what these websites are in it for. To sell advertising space, generating impressions by jumping on to every viral bandwagon without even considering if there is any merit to the story, or what harm they might be doing.

Consider, when you want a radio station to publish your phone number you normally have to pay them for it – that’s also called advertising. Media companies are innundated with requests for free exposure from attention-seekers and self-publicists which they routinely ignore. But when you are singled-out as a representive homophobe, a cartoon-figure for a two-minute hate, paraded in public to be ritually abused by a braying mob of self-righteous finger-pointers, your telephone number will be all over the blogosphere in seconds and your handset is going to be glowing hotter than the Sun.

They Were Trolled

2 minute hater nagumiThe note is a hoax. A set-up by the radio station. A classic Internet Troll and a highly successful one. Tommy, Sophie, beth and the two gay dads do not exist. No tie-dye party was ever arranged. No note was sent. The only thing real about it was the phone number. Which luthermcdonald might note turns out to be the only aspect of the story, including those who fell for it, which wasn’t ‘dumb stupid’.

Every website that has been encouraging their readers to call the number and vent their spleen stands in shame. Objectively reporting they are not. One hopes the radio station also had the foresight to record the calls received, such that we all might hear for ourselves how intolerant and spiteful many of those who profess to “spread the love” can be. Let us hear for ourselves what they have to say when they think they have cornered an official enemy and, of course, thinking nobody else can hear what they are saying to their victims.

Did you leave an abusive message on that voicemail? Did you justify your abuse because you were only telling someone that it is wrong to send abusive messages? What does that say about you?

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