USA-KSA Squabble Energizes Conspiracy Nuts

The Law of Unintended Consequence frequently raises havoc in international relations, even when the international squabbling is at its most childish level. Take then the Saudi Royals, sulking over the United States “failure” to bomb crap out of Syria and their infantile response: Blowing things up in Lebanon, flooding weapons to the worst people imaginable, and generally threatening to throw their jewel-encrusted toys out of their golden prams. Waving their Wahabbi willies at Washington like schoolboys teasing barnyard animals.

Even Washington is starting to get pissed with it, hence a spat of articles in the right-wing media rekindling memories of Saudi involvement in the Sept 11th Terrorist attacks. The articles remind readers that 15 of the hijackers were Saudi Arabians, and raise questions about how much, if anything, Saudi Arabia – i.e. the so-called “Royals” – knew, or should have known, about the attacks in advance. Articles that cover old ground and are transparently meant as a shot over the Saudi bows, reminding the revanchist rulers of KSA that what happened to Saddam and Gadhaffi could just as easily happen to them. And it could. Demonizing the Al Saud family would not exactly be difficult. The difficultly, once started, would be knowing where to stop.

The unfortunate side-effect of all this, besides international diplomacy being reduced to something resembling students fighting over a ten-dollar bill, is its effect on the 911 conspiracy theorists who just won’t give up. Thus, they sieze upon this golden opportunity to promote their latest theory, or “thology“, of what they now believe really, really happened on Sept 11th 2001: A nuclear-powered no-planer whose central thesis goes as follows:

  • The phrase “Ground Zero” refers to the surface area closest to the center of a nuclear explosion.
  • The site of the 911 attacks was refered to as “Ground Zero”.
  • Therefore the 911 attacks were conducted with thermonuclear weapons.

Proof by Dictionary.

Thology – Schmology

The “thology” itself goes on for a further 1,100 pages in a predictably futile search for evidence – no matter how tenuous – to back this explosive claim up. We’ve had beam weapons from space, holographic airliners, Bush-Genius, paint-on bombs, and the ever-present vaudvillian sideshow of Dancing Israelis. So why not have H-bombs buried beneath our cities, Elders of Zion-style?

Truthers used to tell us that the towers both “fell into their own footprints” and “scattered debris over a wide area”. Now they are adding that the towers disappered, turned to dust, melted, vapourized, fell down a hole, were dug up and shipped to China. Beam me up Scotty. Throw official-looking US “accusations” against KSA into the mix and you have the internet equivalent of a farmer’s muck-spreader splattering the comment boards with the written equivalent of liquid manure.

On this page we’ll catalog some of the worst examples, just to show how little the 911 “truthers” have added to their arguments since Sept 12th. Later we at the will attempt the difficult task of drawing up some kind of 911 Truther Taxonomy, if it hasn’t already been done elsewhere. Meanwhile, we shall use a fledgling categorization here. Readers can help by submitting their own comments.

Every few years they put out a red herring to put people off course…obviously Bush & co are feeling the heat! It won’t be long, Dubya….people will know who were the architects of this mass murder. – “sybil”, 17-Dec-2013

Neo-Nazi / Anti-Semite
Al-qaeda, my foot! Nine-one-one would have been impossible without massive US gov’t compliance. Impossible. As for foreign complicity, look no further than Israel – “Roger”, 17-Dec-2013

Israel did 911 – “Brian” – 17-Dec-2013

No-Planer / Bombs in Buildings
The aircraft used were converted to expert drone control, the target buildings were prepared for demolition by expertsi2ithomaswadams – 17-Dec-2013

Exotic Weapons / Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Actually, 80% of the STEEL was also turned to dust – Bill Duke – 17-Dec-2013

Bill Duke is actually one of our favourite truthers here at the, nuttier than a squirrel’s stash and easier to wind up than a wristwatch.

Feel free to submit your own finds using the form below.

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