We Rained on their Parade

Anti-democracy activists were on the streets of London again today so we took it upon ourselves to rain on their parade – literally.

We introduced the #PrayForRain hashtag into #marchforeurope as soon as the parade began. Then we did our rain-dance and waited.

While we waited uncountable numbers of wags, wits, and fed-up-with-it bystanders weighed in to rip the piss and/or give mis-guided marchers a stern talking to. The poor hashtag has become inunadated with people expressing their dissatisfaction with the young whipper-snappers’ behaviour. Bad eggs.

Then a few hours later….


They have facebook and tumblr
We have the elements at our disposal

We draw our inspiration from Wagner, The Vikings, Shakespeare, Kafka
They draw theirs from pop-music, TV, and toilets

We look to the stars to find our dreams
They reach into their pants for theirs

They want the EU for their possesion
And we shall retain the world for ours.

(Poem made up from tweet fragments)

The online action continued into the evening, then the hashtag, in ultimate irony not to mention crowning insult, was invaded by Germany. German football fans to be precise, after they got through to the semis.

We’re proud to have rained on your anti-democratic parade. There’s a couple or three reasons why in the screenshots below.


We’ll keep the number of embeded tweets small for now, and perhaps curate some of the better tweets here when the fuss dies down a bit. We also have several other articles on brexit, or what we’ve been calling “the sinking ship of scuttled Britain’s state” providing background, stories, and even one or two facts.

We’ve got a link and commentary to Info Wars Stupid Butthurt Millenials, a speculative Whoops Apocalypse style timeline for post-brexit WW3, some analysis of Article 50, the Pencilgate Conspiracy, a reminder for Germans, and we rip the piss out the EC President’s Hitlerean Rage. All drenched in trenchant wit and sardonic humour.




As this activist below shows her respect to the memorial to the million men that died on the Somme exactly 100 years before she peed on their memory in the name of overturning the democratically expressed will of the people, we’re signing off from the stinking UK UrineMaidan.


(Pictures sourced from Twitter, copyright original tweeters)

Why not follow us? Or pop over to our hashtag #BooForBritain to show your distaste in traditional British Parliamentry manner and give us a good old booing. We deserve it.

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