Webmaster Boomstick

After last Sunday’s attacks, this week we’re taking no chances and getting a bit of practice in with our boomstick.

You calling me a boomer? Let me introduce you to my little friend, young man.

Wasps are hard to hit. I winged one of the little blighters though.


Time to go finish him off. We’re taking no chances this Sunday after what happened the last one: Sunday Bloody Sunday

We’re also helping fellow Tweeters to identify and dox bots (we had a little incident with our own to deconflict), inspiring a squad of grannies in the UK to acquire and deploy the silent weapons of psychological warfare against their pension-fund managers and other oppressors, and having the praise and admiration of our peers, who know us only through our content, heaped upon on us here and here as always. And all to our chosen back-ground score of an active shooter and the calming choir of New Bollege, Oxford.

That’s our Sunday. Heute Ruhetag, as we say in Switzerland.

Why not come along and share our adventures both in and out of work by followng @theSkankworks, or our tech-blog @skankworksAgile, on Twitter? We shame chefs, beat-up on bosses, and have even more fun during job interviews.

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