We’re Bombing Libya – Once Again

As the latest “US-Led, EU-followed” attack on Libya gets underway, absent as always even a fig-leaf of legal cover, we pull from our archives a document we stole thirty years ago.

Thirty years. We’ve been lied to our entire lives.

target tripoli

target tripoli

target tripoli


Hold that thought.

Now get your flags out! Wave them goodbye to more toddler-terrorists who might otherwise grow up to be jobless refugees. Be a man. Kill someone.

Editor’s note: Yes, we stole this. In the year 1986. It was on sale in newsagents across the UK within 48-hours of the bombing. Not that we’re saying it was pre-planned. But we do not forget that when we first saw this fold-out poster our first thought was, “This is disgusting. Nobody should be making money from this. Not even the 95p cover price. It will have consequences. A decent man would steal a copy of this for posterity“.

Today, we share it with you, and we stand proud of our actions as decent men should:

On our record.

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