What’s This?

This, my old friend, is Government in Action, UK-style. The things they should be doing viz a viz housing, health, and employment they are evidently reluctant or unable to do. Hence they have to be seen defending the weak in some other way.

What’s the alternative?

Putting the unemployed, homeless, and the sick in prison doesn’t work. The sick would have to be immediately transferred to the prison hospital invalidating all previous effort to deny them health care. As for jailing the homeless, it will be a start, govt critics will say, going on to suggest that if you took the bars off their windows and gave them a key so they could come and go as they please we’d really be getting somewhere.

How about jailing the unemployed? A no brainer which will garner tremendous public support from bosses and their myriad minimum-waged minions alike. In reality though prisoners have to be kept occupied otherwise they will riot, if only to relieve the boredom. That means putting them to work. Work that would blink “out-sourcers” in neon lights in every boardroom in Britain, a new round of unemployed whose jobs are now being done by prisoners will be soon to follow.

Training costs, however, will necessitate long sentances for the jobless so the newly laid-off will just have to wait a couple of years until they get their old jobs back, this time in jail and for a Pound a week, and we’re back to square one.

Hence, the new guidelines. Promoted with agreeable examples such as doxxing and revenge porn, for which the victims deserve satisfaction, they, the guidelines, will inevitably be applied to more henious acts such as calling somebody on the Internet’s shirt gay or intimating that the UK upper class is dominated by diddlers.

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