What’s Wrong With Football

Apart from it being a crap game that mainly appeals to meatheads, that is? We’re talking about football here, just to be clear, and not the version of armoured rugby-league the Americans play. Americans, we are talking about the world’s most popular sport in which a ball is kicked with the foot. Hence, foot-ball. What the Dutch call Voetball.

In this article we argue that the so-called investigation into FIFA is a sham and conclude that it’s simply another full-spectrum dominance plot with the sole aim of discrediting Russia.

The “investigation”, such that it is, will likely drive some of those involved into an early grave. The stress of the thought of spending the rest of their lives in the horrific environment of a US prison will take its toll on them. As it’s meant to. After they are dead they will be presumed guilty and Russia will be blamed, for their deaths as well as their alleged “crimes”, while of course giving the private family estate with en-suite US military command centre and airbase that masquerades as the “nation” of Qatar a free-pass.

It is a sham because there is no intention, and neither will there ever be, of investigating the far more serious problems of match-fixing. The focus will only be on the choice of venues for international sporting events, which have been thoroughly corrupted since the invention of television and will remain so until they are no longer televised. So not much point “investigating” what we already know.

During the inter and cold war years the informal real-politik arrangement that everybody stuck to was, “we bribed them this time and you get to bribe them next time, and we’ll all pump our teams up with drugs that we’ll all make illegal to try to detect“. A working deal that was reasonably fair to everybody involved apart from the end-user paying-customer schmucks who were taken in by the charade. It stood the test of time, and hardly anybody suspected. But that’s all gone now.

Match-Fixing Explained

So what we are looking at are the other scandals in football. The ones they don’t investigate. There are four levels of match-fixing, gambling, advertising, stock-fraud, and national-envy, which we will examine here.

This is the lowest level of match-fixing and the one most people will find familiar. A small group of people bribe players and/or match and club officials to ensure a particular result occurs. They then go and place bets on that outcome and take their pay-off in the form of winnings. We sometimes hear about these when something has gone wrong, or a certain official has been so brazen, or the bookies are kicking up too much of a stink, that an example has to be made. Anyone can buy into a fixed football match, so long as they know where to go (you can do it online even), and have the €25,000 minimum buy-in cost. For which they can expect to at least double their money.

Although these sums seem high, this is very much the working-class end of match-fixing which is otherwise seen as a Gentleman’s Scam. It is the only fraud that is even potentially open to the public. The remaining three, in increasing severity, require increasing power to carry-out.

Another reason certain results occur is that they are at the behest of wealthy advertisers who need them in order to sell products that otherwise would not sell. Buy this because we’ve formed a mental association if not emotional bond between our lousy product and your favourite football club in your ill-trained mind, and they just won a match! It’s a simple ploy to exploit the football fans’ feel-good factor, favoured by the marketers of mass-appeal products.

Television advertising revenues also play a part in a variant of this, in which matches are falsely rescheduled (by getting them postponed, for example) in order that they can be broadcast at a time when more viewers are watching, or in which cup-tie draws are arranged in advance to maximize immediate revenue by bringing large clubs together in the early rounds. A side effect of this tie-fixing is that woefully inadequate teams of semi-professionals frequently slip through into the final rounds because all the good teams just happened to get drawn together in the early rounds. The later stages of the competitions usually degenerating into walkovers as a result.

Stock Fraud
Led largely by Alan Sugar and Manchester United, the “privatisation” of football clubs opened an entirely new level of match fixing: That being the fixed result feeding-back directly into the club’s share price. These are the most subtle and sophisticated frauds, being designed and operated by bankers who have centuries of experience in stock-price manipulation and immunity from prosecution or liability if they get caught. Being bankers their frauds are discrete and very difficult to spot.

National Pride
Occupied Iraq winning the Asia Cup anybody? Denmark winning the Euro Championship? Nothing needs to be said here.

None of this will be even touched upon in the “investigation”, and for anybody who suggests it should there will be tin-foil hats all round. Football fans have been chosen as the targets for this piece of political theatre aimed at propagandizing them further against Russia because, and let’s be honest, football fans aren’t exactly known for thier smarts are they?

Although they may find fighting on the Southern Front in Winter a little bit different to kicking somebody’s head in ’round the back of The Shed.

On the other hand, if a certain powerful nation that doesn’t even understand the rules of Association Football deems it a suitable subject to turn into a politcal you-know-what, they might just lose a lot of friends around the world. Like this chap in Lviv.

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