Wikileaks The Book – Order Your Copy Now

Coming soon, the complete printed text of every document ever released by Wikileaks, published on recycled paper by the In the book there are:

“unputdowanable”, “shocking”, “a must read!”

– 5,000,000 Corporate emails
– 2,400,000 Government Documents
– 250,000 Secret Cables
– 2 complete and unabridged War Diaries
– Full Color Videos(*)
– countless thousands of other embarrassing revelations and comprising photographs

Read them all and make your own mind up. Read about the shocking actions of bloodthirsty troops, the nefarious crimes of high government officials, the rampant criminality of the corporate world, the full unabridged inside dope on the national security state, and – only available in the book version – the recently leaked Jimmy Saville Diaries.

Running to a total of almost ten million pages the book will be published as a series of issues building into a complete forty thousand volume set each volume personally signed by Julian Assange. Each copy is hand delivered in a thousand individual book boxes made from recycled materials carefully packed into a convoy of forty low-carbon delivery vans. If not planning to read immediately, readers will require an estimated eleven thousand cubic metres of storage. Those who opt for the premium “Display Edition” should prepare for the delivery by clearing four hundred metres of shelving in their library.

To assist readers in finding the right page, an index containing the complete digital mirror of the Wikileaks archive is available on DVD at extra charge. All content is guaranteed identical to that found online!

Don’t miss this genuine, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hold the powers that be to account.

Pre-Order you copy of “Wikileaks – The Book” today and receive a discount worth $5,000 off the full purchase price.

(*) Only available in certain areas.

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