Wolfsangel Ukraine

wolfsangelThe Wolfsangel is an ancient sign popular with both traditional and neo-nazis. The State Department of the United States of America will pay national socialist wearers of this symbol between $100 and $400 per day depending on military ability and willingness to engage in combat.

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This offer is only open to those currently living under regimes on the United States shit list or those who are willing to travel. Those participating in successful regime changes may also be entitled to an IMF loan, austerity measures, and the fire-sale of public utilities to eager Wall St investors. Apply now at your local US embassy.

The Nature of NATO’s Latest Protege

Spotted at the end of march a poster in Western Ukraine depicting the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS as the “protectors of Ukraine”:

SS ukrainian galician division

The British are said to be there:

Here is the same symbol, together with the circled cross of “White Power Worldwide”, being proudly flown in a cellar by drunken British neo-nazi football hooligans:

We also saw the circled-cross motif in Maidan:

Neo-nazis often communicate in numbers, using a rudimentary subsitituion cipher whereby A=1, B=2, etc. Some of the more common numbers, and the meaning of them, are:

14 = Not coded. References the maximum sentance word-length of neo-nazi ranting.
18 = AH = Adolf Hitler
88 = HH = Hiel Hitler
1312 = ACAB = All Coppers Are Bastards (presumably this excludes those coppers who are also members of far-right gangs).

Valentina Lsista has drawn our attention to another NAZI group in the Ukraine using the 14 code-number. Going under the name C-14 (an explosive composition designed to destroy buildings) they also enjoy burning people alive, in the traditional manner.

More analysis here, from venik4.
Let me tell you… – Nazi Symbolism in Ukraine


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