Xbox Player Causes Chaos with Plane Prank

Makes multiple bomb threats on Twitter

If the Japanese Crappy Collage Grand Prix is not proof enough that the world’s gone – not going – gone mad, consider this maniac who thinks trolling airlines that there’s a bomb on board is a fun thing to do:

plane prank bomb hoax tweets

Je Suis Jack’s Complete Lack of Surprise

It’s been five hours after his tweeted threats. Two airliners have made emergency landings and been evacuated, several F-16s have been scrambled, and a couple of bomb disposal squads called into action. One strongly suspects a SWAT team or two is being quietly assembled as well.

It’s been five hours and the fool is still online, currently twittering about his xbox and playing gta v no less, the earlier plane prank seemingly forgotten. Which kind of blows a hole in the “ticking bomb” arguments of the pro-torture lobby.



Hopefully, this is the account’s final tweet:

plane pranker kingzortics final tweet
Be sure to bookmark this page and check back for updates on the court case!

25-Jan-2015 – Update

Twitter have now suspended the suspect’s twitter account. This breaks the links directly to his tweets.

Accordingly we have replaced his tweets above with our own screencaps from the original. Prior to the suspension we also captured the raw data of the hoaxer’s entire timeline, for posteritity.

26-Jan-2015 – Update
Three more bomb hoaxes have been tweeted since yesterday. Follow this page for further updates as the situation unfolds.

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